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We are a leading manufacturer of high quality pocketed coils providing solutions for business clients worldwide.

UTC Springs provides a one-stop solution for pocketed innersprings for mattress manufacturers . We are vertically integrated and have both wire drawing and non-woven production in-house to make your required innerspring units.

We are a global company with production and warehouse facilities in Poland and the USA (Danville, Virginia) and we supply spring units to mattress and furniture manufacturers big and small over North America.

Our springs

UTC Springs is a market leader in the production of pocketed coils. We draw our own tempered high-carbon wire in a wide range of diameters or gauges between 15.5 and 13 ga. 
UTC Springs also provides foam encased and full perimeter units with head to foot as well as four-sided edge support. The unit heights can vary between 2.4, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 inches with various firm edge support options. Our units are glued with polypropylene glue for easy recycling and we have developed several patented solutions.

Our Lab

We have a state-of-the-art pocket spring testing lab where we employ cutting-edge technology and expertise to meticulously assess the performance of pocket springs. Our advanced testing methods ensure exceptional quality and reliability allowing us to drive innovation in the bedding industry.

We follow ASTM standards to obtain ILD readings to compare the performance of specific units at different levels of compression. This allows us to benchmark our units against the products our customers are currently using to make sure we provide a product which is undistinguishable from the one currently being used.

Our factory

UTC Springs has its main production facility in Poland. We manufacture all components that go into our springs, which means that we are able to deliver the best value and competitive pricing for your required products.

We offer direct container shipping to your manufacturing plant and also storage in Danville, Virginia for more flexible deliveries.

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